Within the scope of the Izmir NIC Project implemented by Teknopark Izmir, the second of the Ecosystem Development Training Programme, developed and delivered by national and international experts, was held between 12 October and 3 November.

The intensive training programme was held two full days a week with the participation of representatives of interface organisations such as Technopark, TTO, and entrepreneurship centres. Within the framework of the training programme, various topics related to the entrepreneurship ecosystem were discussed and the existing supports and solutions offered to entrepreneurs were evaluated by national and international experts.

The first training within the scope of the second group was held in Teknopark Izmir on 12-13 October with the title “Developing Active Coaching and Mentoring Networks”. In the first session, representatives of interface organisations discussed existing coaching and mentoring programmes in Izmir, and important aspects regarding the structuring of coaching and mentoring mechanisms. During this interactive session, global examples were presented and the participants were asked to identify the aspects of the existing programmes that could be improved. On the second day, the participants worked on the draft Mentoring Roadmap prepared by the experts and discussed the scope and boundaries of mentor – mentee relationships.

The second training was held on 18 October at Originn Coworking. In the training titled “Internationalisation Supports”, information was provided on the support structures that entrepreneurs can apply for in their globalisation processes. In the training, it was emphasised that entrepreneurs aiming to open up to international markets should be supported primarily with an extensive market analysis. In the last part of the training, entrepreneur support programmes offered by different countries were discussed.

The third training of the programme, which was held under the title of “Promoting your Organisation and Programme”, was given on 20 October at Originn Coworking. The trainers shared important details on defining the target groups. The training saw the participants talking about their institutions’ communication activities in the final session.

In the fourth training titled “Developing and Delivering Effective Entrepreneur Support Programmes” held on 26-27 October at Karşıyaka Entrepreneurship Centre, examples from global entrepreneur support programmes were presented to the participants. The training included group workshops and a session where participants designed their own programmes.

The last training of the programme was titled “Getting Companies Ready for Investment”, which took place on 2 – 3 November at Originn Coworking. In the training where important aspects regarding the investment process were emphasised, it was noted that entrepreneurs should be supported at the due diligence stage. There followed a session where the participants worked on exemplary term sheets, during which it was highlighted that such contracts should be carefully worded.

The training programme was completed in four weeks, in which various quizzes were held following each training to test the key learnings of the participants. The training programme contributed to the Izmir entrepreneurship ecosystem by transferring knowledge and experience to the representatives of the city’s prominent entrepreneurship and technology centres.

İzmir NIC – İzmir Network and Innovation Centre Project

İzmir Network and Innovation Centre (İzmir NIC) Project, is implemented by Teknopark İzmir within the scope of the Ministry of Industry and Technology Competitive Sectors Programme, realised with the financial support of the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, aiming to enhance the commercialisation and internationalisation of innovative products, by fostering networks and strategic partnership among relevant stakeholders. The project, focusing on ICT and RE sectors, which are among the pioneers of economic development; aims to increase the capacities of innovation ecosystem actors (SME, Start-up, TTO, TGB, R&D Centres, etc.) in İzmir through training, Acceleration programmes, mentoring support, and networking activities.

The project, implemented with partners İzmir Institute of Technology (İYTE) and the Software Industrialists Association (YASAD), will run for 3 years.