İzmir Network and Innovation Centre

The İzmir Network and Innovation Centre (İzmir NIC) Project is carried out under the Competitive Sectors Programme, financed within the framework of the financial cooperation of the European Union and the Republic of Turkey and implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. The project, implemented by Teknopark İzmir with partners as İzmir Institute of Technology (İYTE) and the Software Industrialists Association (YASAD), is planned to be completed in 3 years with a budget of 3 million Euros.


Who Can Benefit and How?

SMEs, Startups, Entrepreneurs

SMEs, Startups, Entrepreneurs

will benefit from tailor-made trainings & need-based mentoring sessions. All to be done under the scope of growth focused accelerator program, so called “Accelerate İzmir”, in which they develop their skill sets for internationalization and investor-readiness.

Interface Organisations

Interface Organisations

will strengthen ties with similar or like-minded national and international organizations; extend capabilities for R&D and innovation via training activities and constant know-how transfer from the project stakeholders.



will reach out to SMEs, Startups and Entrepreneurs equipped with the basic metrics investors are looking for & also equipped with the global mind-set with having sound globalization road map.

Upcoming Events


We visited our Turkish Embassy in London.

Within the scope of Accelerate Izmir, we visited our Turkish Embassy in London. Dear Ambassador O. Koray Ertaş and our Trade Consultant Abdurrahman Deniz attended the meeting and discussed the their supports for our companies

Birmingham City University was visited

Within the scope of Accelerate Izmir, Birmingham City University was visited by the Teknopark Izmir NIC team. Dr. Begüm Samur Teraman who works as an academician in the field of Strategy and Business Development at

International networking visits are completed

International networking visits organized in the United Kingdom within the scope of the 2nd Cohort of the İzmir NIC Project Accelerate Izmir Program carried out by Teknopark İzmir are continuing. On behalf of Teknopark İzmir,



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