Accelerate İzmir is a new programme for startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs looking to take their business to the next level through support with commercialisation and internationalisation. We are focused on supporting business to ‘go global’, hence the name Global Strategy Validation Programme.

We are unique in terms of our training and coaching content that is focused on scaling your business through internationalisation or becoming investment ready. There are business visits to Europe so you will feel the ‘global’ perspective reflected throughout the programme. See below for more benefits of Accelerate İzmir:

Seed Accelerator Global Growth Accelerator
Business Model Verification Global Growth Model Verification
Search for Product-Market Fit for Turkey Search for Product Market fit for your target country(ies)
Financials: we talk about Sales Revenue, Break-Even Point etc. Financials: we talk about CAC, LTV, Churn, NTD etc.
Marketing/PR efforts targeting Turkey Marketing/PR efforts targeting international markets with global outlook
IPR awareness for the local market IPR awareness for EUR, USA, APAC etc.
….. …..

You will learn about the financial metrics global investors are looking for, what documents you should have for PR while going global, how can you protect your innovation with IPR and on the global level, how to generate leads for sales growth etc.

The key criterion is having a global mindset. For instance, as a late-stage business – post-product, post-revenue, shortened sales cycle etc. – you will be able to form a global lead-generation strategy or basic financial metrics for investors. If you are more early-stage, you will understand what gloabisation looks like – how to conduct market research, landscape analysis etc. – your understanding of globalisation will still increase significantly. That’s why it’s called the Growth Strategy Validation Progtamme. From an innovation perspective, we are looking for ideas at TRL 4+ level, but even if you are a well established SME that needs support to globalise, we want to hear from you too.

To be eligible for the programme you must confirm that:

  • your innovation is in the area of ICT or Renewable Energy
  • you have an incorporated business WITH A REGISTERED OFFICE IN IZMIR, or commit to incorporating before starting the acceleration process
  • you have a team of at least two people

You will receive:

  • 128 hours of training over 14 weeks – split into half-day training sessions
  • 24 hours of coaching with an expert over 14 weeks to help you create a tailored Commercialisation Roadmap for your business
  • For companies with potential, additional services will be available for marketing services, IPR protection, investment opportunities and international visits

The calls will be open for 2 months. Apply early, as priority will be given to our ‘early bird’ applicants. The deadlines will be updated here.

We prefer English as it is the reflection of your global mind set. However, we do not want to miss great innovations or entrepreneurs, so if you feel more comfortable in Turkish please do so.

Three independent evaluators (2 business evaluators and 1 sector-focused technology evaluator) will look at your application.

If you pass this evaluation, an interview and pitch will be conducted.

If you are unsuccessful in the first call, you will have the opportunity to apply again in the second call.

Over 16 weeks you need to commit one day per week to participate in the training programme. This training will take place at Teknopark İzmir and will be interactive with assignments that need to be completed before the following week (You will have homework surely). The intention is not to overload you, but to allow you continue to run your business during the training programme.

Furthermore, you will work with your coach to create you own commercialisation roadmap that will act as a guide to your development towards internationalisation and investment readiness. The actual amount of time, and scheduling will be between you and your coach.

Well.. we’d love to hear from you. Please use the below form to let us know and we are happy to assist you. 

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