The third UK visits of the 2nd Cohort of the Accelerate Izmir Programme, which is carried out within the scope of the İzmir NIC project under the leadership of Teknopark Izmir and in partnership with IZKA, have been completed.

During their visit to the UK, İzmir NIC Commercialization Specialist Gökhan Çelebi, Teknopark İzmir Incubation Center Manager Burçak İlter Timurçin, Entrepreneurship Specialist Ayşenur Mete, İzmir NIC Project Coordinator Özlem Durna and Project Assistant Gökçen Hardal participated.

Accelerate İzmir companies participated in the Giant Health Event and visited important entrepreneurship centers such as Oxentia and London & Partners with the participation of Teknopark İzmir representatives. Teknopark Izmir side met with significant entrepreneurship centres and programmes such as Plexal and Imperial Collage-Undaunted Programme, and discussed possible cooperation opportunities and provided networking.