Izmir NIC Talks #2 event, organized in cooperation with YABISAK (Software and Information Clustering Association) on November 18, 2021 at the Aegean Free Zone Technology Center, was opened with ESBAŞ CEO and YABISAK Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr.Faruk Güler and Teknopark Izmir General Manager Prof. Metin Tanoğlu‘s opening speeches. Dr. Faruk Güler emphasized the importance of the event for Izmir by stating that they are happy to co-host such an event that contributes to the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, by focusing on issues such as the ICT and RE sectors. Emphasizing that the event is the first physical event that was held in ESBAŞ for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, Güler stated that they hope the event will mark on a beginning of a new and optimistic era for the entrepreneurship ecosystem and the entire business world in the city.

Teknopark İzmir General Manager Prof. Metin Tanoğlu, made a presentation about the services offered by Teknopark İzmir and its activities for the added value it provides. After the opening speeches, İzmir NIC Coordinator Miray Şanlı Taşkın and Project Technical Assistance Team Leader David Tee gave detailed information to the about the İzmir Network and Innovation Centre (İzmir NIC) Project and the Accelerate İzmir Programme.

In the Izmir NIC: Fireside Chat session, Omega BigData Co-Founder and General Manager Yunus Emre Aslan and Commercialisation Key Expert Gökhan Çelebi as the moderator, an informative and engaging entrepreneurship conversation and experience share were carried out. Mr. Aslan has noted that he employs the philosophy of “Ikigai” for his business model, which simply means “the reason for being” in Japanese culture. He further stated that if there is a project that can be truly devoted to and carried out with passion and if one proceeds without giving up; the success will be achieved, and thus one can feel satisfied and earn their desired income.

In the final session of the event, Information and Communication Technologies Expert Tayfun Uğur made a presentation on “Information and Communication Technologies” sector. Stating that the world is in a critical phase of history, Mr. Uğur highlighted that digitalization has become an undeniable reality with the pandemic, and emphasized that the many dynamics of the old world had to change and we are now in a new period, which is rapidly changing

Emphasizing that the many sectors of the 20th century are now outdated, Mr. Uğur mentioned that the world is in a process where mobile and small companies can compete with giant companies in a new and structural way. Pointing out that much more “radical” changes are taking place today compared to the “marginal” changes of the 20th century, Tayfun Uğur noted that keeping up with the competitive power of the new world has macro, micro and individual aspects.

Tayfun Uğur examined the potential of İzmir and Turkey in his presentation. He pointed out the fact that while Turkey still has time to keep up with the digitalization revolution, but it is still possible to catch up with the global trends, and İzmir has the potential to be a centre for this transformation. Stating that the 20th century was the “Century of Adding Value” and the 21st century is the “Century of Creating Added Value”, Tayfun Uğur noted in his presentation, “It is not enough for Turkey to produce, it has to create and develop.”