The third Needs Assessment Analysis Workshop, with the objective of developing Better Collaboration Between Corporates and Startups/SMEs in the ICT and Renewable Energy sectors, was held on Wednesday, October 13. The event commenced with an opening speech by Izmir NIC Project Coordinator Miray Şanlı Taşkın. She presented the purpose and scope of the NIC Project, and shared information on the services and activities to be offered throughout the Project period. She announced the aims and the expected results of the workshop, and thanked the attendees for their contribution to the Project.

The workshop moderator, explained the methodology of the workshop and the online tools that were used during the event. Following this explanatory session, team moderators were introduced who led the breakout sessions. In the breakout sessions, the participants listed their ideas and possible solutions to the well-defined problems in their respective sectors, on sticky notes using Miro-Board.

The workshop was held online using Zoom. Topics discussed included a review of the opinions and solutions listed by the attendees, how to collaborate with ecosystem actors to foster start-up, integration level of corporates with the ecosystem, the position of accelerator/incubator programmes run in collaboration with corporates and etc.

The attendees of the event were among ICT innovators, business support organisations, corporates and incubators.

The workshop concluded with questions and feedbacks from the attendees.