The second workshop of the series was held on Tuesday, October 12. The objective of the workshop was to address the specific issue of Improving Access to Investors and Investment Readiness, specifically for the ICT and Renewable Energy sectors. The workshop kicked off with a welcoming speech by Izmir NIC Project Coordinator Miray Şanlı Taşkın. Ms. Şanlı introduced the aims and objectives of Izmir Networking and Innovation Centre to the participants, while sharing the details on the activities offered within the Project. Later on, she explained the purpose of the workshop and expected outcomes.

There followed a speech by David Tee, the Project’s Technical Assistance Team Leader, where he shared information about Accelerate Izmir programme. He explained the services to be offered including dedicated coaching and commercialisation roadmap development, training, investment support, internationalisation, marketing and IPR protection. Mr. Tee emphasised that they are aiming to create a strong business plan and design measurable processes for companies.

The workshop moderator, explained the methodology of the workshop and the online tools that were used during the event. Following this explanatory session, team moderators were introduced who led the breakout sessions. In the breakout sessions, the participants listed their ideas and possible solutions to the well-defined problems in their respective sectors, on sticky notes using Miro-Board.

The workshop was held online using Zoom. Topics discussed included a review of the opinions and solutions listed by the participants, availability of funds in Izmir, capabilities of start-up support organisations and other related issues in terms of investment and investment readiness.

The participants were among corporates, innovators, business support organisations and academics.

The event concluded with questions and feedbacks from the participants.