The workshop held on Friday, October 8, was attended by the Rector of İYTE Prof. Dr. Yusuf Baran, and General Manager of Teknopark İzmir Prof. Dr. Metin Tanoğlu. The first session of the workshops started with opening speeches of Prof. Dr. Baran and Prof. Dr. Tanoğlu, respectively.

“İzmir NIC Project is one of the most important projects that will contribute to transforming İzmir to a leading city in entrepreneurship and innovation. We continue our efforts to make İzmir an attractive destination for highly skilled and aspiring people and to set an example for all of the country in these fields.” Prof. Dr. Yusuf Baran said.

Stating that NIC Project was launched and will continue with more workshop series, Prof. Dr. Tanoğlu thanked all entrepreneurs who attended the meeting for their contributions.

Following the welcoming speeches, Project Coordinator Miray Şanlı and Team Leader David Tee gave an informative presentation about the project.

The workshop continued with the theme of “Developing İzmir Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem with a Focus on Information and Communication Technologies and Renewable Energy”.