Accelerate İzmir provides a comprehensive range of standard services to all 50 companies participating in the programme (two cohorts of 25 companies each in 2022 and 2023). For some companies, where specific support is assessed to be beneficial, additional services will be provided under Accelerate İzmir Plus. The two sets of services are shown below with the approximate number of companies eligible.


Accelerate İzmir

Accelerate İzmir Plus


Coaching & Mentoring

  • 4 hours face -to-face
  • 24 hours online
  • InnoBar and CoMap
  • Access to specialist mentors
  • Recommendations of Accelerate İzmir Plus services
  • 128 hours (16 days training)
  • Mix of experts and experience sharing
  • Demo day to İzmir ecosystem

Investment Support

  • Concepts presented in training programme
  • Pitch development & practice sessions
  • Assessment of investment needs
  • Identification of investors
  • Investors dialogue event and curated meetings


  • Concepts presented in training programme
  • Experience shared from multiple markets
  • Identification of potential markets
  • 2-3 country -based market analyses
  • Connections with partners, customers etc
  • Business development visit

IPR Protection

  • Audit of IP needs
  • Recommendations for action
  • National (Turkish) patent application
Legal Advice
  • Half-day legal consultation
  • Advice on remedies if required
  • Legal kit and webinars
Marketing Services
  • Half-day audit of marketing needs
  • Detailed marketing plans
  • Marketing service delivery